Friday, May 4, 2012

The trouble with a confusing name

People pronounce my name incorrectly nearly every day.
I would guess around 1 in 10 people get it right the first time.  Last night I thought about my lovely blog readers and how most of you probably don't know how my name is correctly pronounced.  There are a lot of you now that I have never actually met in person and have not had a verbal conversation with.  I know you pretty well through reading your blogs, tweets, and e-mails regularly.  It seemed weird to me that you probably don't really even know my name.
So, I just made this super embarrassing video to pronounce my name correctly for you all.  I must really like you.
Also, I have no idea what that vacuum sounding noise is in the background.  Clearly, I am not very video savvy.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Totally would have pronounced it wrong! Thank you for sharing that. I love watching vlogs and hearing how bloggers actually sound :]

    Hope you have a great weekend as well!!

  2. I've been pronouncing it wrong! (and I actually really prefer how you pronounce it, so pretty!) It was fun 'meeting' you and Pearl! xoxo

  3. I def thought it was Kee-ra. But the actualy pronunciation is much more unique!

  4. Yes I was pronouncing it wrong in my head as well. :) Love the video!

  5. So... I've been pronouncing it wrong, too. :/
    Thanks for the video. You two are so cute. And It seems to me that Pearl was wondering, who you were speaking with. :) Cute.

    P.s. - I really like your name.

  6. hooray! i've been pronouncing it correctly! in my head i broke it down.. "ki" like in kite. haha and "ra". sooo kira!
    whew. usually i completely butcher names! haha

  7. **happy dance** I was in the 10% saying it correctly in my head! And, let me say that I know how you feel. No one in these bloggy parts knows my real name... but I will say that my last name is a fairly common name imported from somewhere in the United Kingdom that should be fairly easily pronounced by most people. But they don't! It's really quite creative, some of the pronunciations I have heard. Good for a laugh every time, I assure you. ;)

  8. Yep, I've been thinking of it as Kee-ra as well. Thanks for the help! :)

  9. When I say they're good, I mean Larabars are actually good tasting food :) I think its because they ARE actual food. You should pick one up and try it!

    Oh, and my sister had a dog a couple years ago named Kira. Pronounced the same way. She was the sweetest dog and we all miss her a lot. So I was saying it correctly in my head :D

  10. I watched Pearl the whole time and LOVE HER!!!!

  11. I was definitely pronouncing it wrong! Thanks so much for clearing that up! :)

  12. This is earth shattering I will have to constantly correct myself because I always thought it was "the wrong way" and that's what I say in my head! Ahhhhh! ;) I know some other Kira's (pronounced like you) but their names are spelled Kyra. Interesting!


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