Friday, May 11, 2012

Vote For My Mom!

My mom with her two granddaughters
My sister entered my mom Anita in a contest for Mother's Day.  She is currently in second place, but the votes are very close.  I was wondering if you might be willing to click on this link and vote for my mom?  You can vote by clicking on the yellow stars at the top.  If you leave a comment there, it counts as a second vote.

I grew up in a small community.  My mom has affected the lives of so many kids in that community over the years.  She has worked with elementary school children, middle school, and high school students.  She has spent countless hours helping little ones who are behind in their reading skills to catch up, lovingly built relationships with high schoolers who have special needs, and became a mother figure to any kid who needed it.

While I was in high school, my mom worked in the alternative education department at my school.  These were the kids who either deemed untrustworthy in "regular school" or who were extremely behind in credits.  A lot of these teenagers had hard family lives.  Most people didn't give them much of a chance.  My mother befriended them all.  She helped them graduate high school, bought clothes for their babies, and invited them over to our home.  I swear, just as many teenagers came over to visit my mom as came to see my sister and I back then.

She has treated any kid she has met, no matter their age or circumstance, with dignity and respect.  That among so many other reasons is why my mom deserves to win this contest.  She has been a wonderful mother to so many children, not just her own.


  1. aww very sweet - going to vote now!

  2. Voted! I hope your mom wins!!

  3. Your mom looks SO young! Very pretty. She sounds like a great person. I voted. :)


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