Friday, July 20, 2012

Local Restaurant Recommendation - Suzette

Cherry Cheesecake crêpe - roasted cherries, cream cheese, chocolate, and almonds
Pearl and I met my friend Heather at Suzette Crêperie on SE Belmont last night.  Since Heather is gluten free, I generally let her decide the restaurant just to make sure there are good options for her.  I had never been there before and I'm so glad Heather invited us to meet her there!
Heather told me that she happened upon Suzette while she was checking out a Last Thursday art show on Alberta.  It was a food cart back then.  Heather noticed that they had gluten free options so she gave it a shot.  She thought they were the most amazing crêpes ever and when she was planning a friend's birthday party, decided to have the group meet there.  When Heather went to set it up, she found out that Suzette had closed.  It was a pretty sad situation to think that she only ate the best crêpes ever once and would never try them again.
It turns out though that the crepes were so delicious that the restaurant just had to expand.  So they had not closed, but actually moved to their new location on Belmont.  This was wonderful news to Heather and thus is the story behind how I was lucky enough to find myself at Suzette last night.
Pearl and I shared the Ham & Cheese for dinner while Heather had the Smoked Salmon Afrique.  They were so delicious that we decided to get dessert crêpes as well.  I ordered the Cherry Cheesecake and heather got the Blueberry Basil.  Mine was amazing, but Heather's was one of the most delicious things I had ever tried.  The Blueberry Basil is a seasonal menu item so if you live in the Portland area, I recommend you go there as soon as you can.  You really don't want to miss it.


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