Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New York Trip - Part 1

taken from one of our Subway stops on the N line in Queens
We went out to New York last week to see our friends Frank & Medina get married.  Jeremy was a groomsmen and most of our days there were wedding related.  It was an amazing ceremony and I plan to do a separate post about it.  The post today basically covers everything else.
We had one day of sightseeing so most of my photos for this post are from that one specific day. The three things I wanted to see were The High Line, the Statue of Liberty, and the New York by Gehry building.  Jeremy and I both wanted to see the construction progress at the World Trade Center.  We were able to see all of that plus walk around my old neighborhood in the garment district, and visit Times Square.
photos from The High Line: 1. walking along the path//2. street view seating//3. the old tracks
1. One WTC building construction//2. New York by Gehry
photos from Wagner Park: 1. cooling off and playing with grass//2. Statue of Liberty//3. sleeping Pearl, me, and the statue
Pearl also had no problem with napping on the go.  We walked from the High Line to Times Square because we planned to let her pick out a toy at the big Toys R Us store.  By the time we got there, she was sound asleep so we just got on the subway and headed back to Queens instead of going in.
Napping in front of Times Square and Penn Station
Most of our non-sightseeing time was spent in Astoria, Queens.  We sublet an apartment through airbnb which worked out really well for us.  There was a cute street right down the road with lots of restaurants and even a street fair.  It reminded me of Hawthorne street here in SE Portland.  We were also within walking distance from our friend's apartment.
1. Street fair in Astoria//2. baby tourist
1. Pearl eating her breakfast on the floor (the apartment only had stools, not chairs)//2. Pearl chewing her dad's boot in the apartment
Exhausted from all of that sightseeing, night time flights, and HOT weather
We had lots of fun, but if we did it all over again I would definitely bring a stroller.  It was so hot in New York and carrying Pearl in the Ergo was miserable for all of us.  Jeremy and I took turns, but we were all constantly dripping in sweat as we walked around.  Jeremy ended up carrying Pearl around for miles while we were sightseeing because the Ergo became too unbearable in the heat.  I cannot stress this enough, if you travel with a baby to a warm location...bring a stroller!


  1. Aw it looks amazing! Sorry the hot weather was a struggle - I can imagine how bad the Ergo must have been!
    I wish Pearl's stripy leggings came in adult sizes - too cute!

  2. Ah! So fun! We are going to NYC in a couple of weeks and I am nothing but pleased to take it in with my husband. He has never been before so we plan on living large (read: eating a ton) while we are there. I'm glad you enjoyed!

  3. Looks like such a fun trip. I think it is so neat that you used to live there. It is only a fantasy for me. I can hardly imagine what it is really like. I wondered if you had a stroller- I can't remember ever seeing it! Haha. Strollers are so common here - especially now with the hot weather. Love all of the pics... can't wait to see an hear about the wedding.

  4. pearl is getting so big! it's crazy. i think about it every time i see a picture of her in your ig feed. and those delicious cheeks are getting smaller and smaller. she's really quite the beauty :)

    this trip has me wanting a new york vacation. i've only ever been in the airport and saw the statue of liberty from a distance (from said airport) while catching another flight but i would absolutely love to visit for real.

  5. I'd give about anything to visit New York! It looks like such fun. :) I love the pictures of sleeping Pearl ... almost more than the pictures of awake Pearl :P

  6. Awww I loved travelling with my daughter when she was a baby but yes I took the stroller (single parent style, GOTTA have the stroller !) with a shade umbrella attached. I have never been to New York but would love to go.

    Your photos are so cute. Lots of sleeping baby :-)

  7. I'm so jealous! I did my undergrad in NY and moved to Brooklyn after I graduated, and I miss the city terribly! It looks like you had fun despite the heat :)

  8. It's official...I have to go to New York one day! Thank you for sharing all the photos and everything! The trip looks like so much fun!!!
    from Blogging Buddies

  9. I LOVE Pearl's super cute camera t-shirt! Adorable!
    ♥ Kyna


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