Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Portlander Problems #19

1. The most beards I saw while in NYC were on guys in the terminal waiting to head back to Portland.
2. When you run into another Trail Blazers fan on the other side of the country, you end up discussing the draft and speculating on trades with a complete stranger for a minimum of 10 minutes.
3. This screenshot was taken from the application to be an extra on Portlandia.  Apparently having a mustache and owning a bike are considered "special skills and/or abilities" around here.*
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If you live in the Portland area and want to share some of your own, I would love if you would submit your Portlander Problems to me. 
I will post yours one of these coming weeks.  E-mail me at kiralynnpdx@gmail.com.

*I assume your next question will be "did you apply to be an extra on Portlandia?" And my answer is...yes I did.


  1. I really hope you get selected to be an extra! Apparently I've been living under a rock because I've only just discovered the goodness that is Portlandia!

  2. Ha ha, my brother sent in his application and picture to be an extra. He thinks his gauges in his ears may help his chances. That would be so fun if you got on!

  3. hey! Graham has a mustache AND a dog.... what about a broken bike? does THAT count?

  4. That Portlandia application cracked me up! I applied too :)


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