Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Portlander Problems #20

1. We had a household conversation about tall bikes last night.  Issues we discussed: How does a person get on and off?  What happens when they have to stop?  Do they just balance themselves up there until they are free to move?  
2. Looking up from your salad and witnessing a naked bike gang.*
3. On Sunday, if you live on the west side, you were probably drinking poop water.  Glad I live on the east side.

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*If you click on that link, I promise you won't see anything inappropriate.  It's just info about the yearly naked bike ride.


  1. We had the same conversation about tall bikes after seeing one while we were in Cincinnati. Hadn't seen one before or since! I can't believe the naked bike ride is permitted! Yikes! LOL.

  2. i was really annoyed at the poop water incident (on the west side) i think people were overly freaked out about it and thought it was going to turn into a zombie apocalypse because fred meyer sold out of water TWICE! glad we're back to no poop in our water. lol

  3. I always love reading these, even though I don't really understand most of them ;) You are hilarious :)

  4. My hubby and I had the same convo about the tall bikes the other day. I think it might be a mission of mine to ask one of the tall bike riders at some point.

  5. i can't tell you how many times i've had that same conversation! Still no answers though...
    East Side Represent!

    (hubby almost posted a status update for the restaurant this weekend "there's no poop in our soup" love it.)

  6. Agh, I forgot about those crazy tall bikes!! I never see them around SF (maybe because of all the hills?) but they were very popular in Chicago. I used to see them all the time during the summer. And unicycles, too. Who knew unicycles were a popular mode of transportation during Chicago summers??

  7. I have an answer! I've watched tall bike riders crash before, but I've watched them ride up alongside something (like the backrest of a park bench) and use it to dismount. I've also watched them just bail off of them. Keep in mind that the leading cause of construction site deaths are attributed to falls of LESS than 6 feet and it makes you a little scared at the concept. Also, they hold onto street signs and whatever is there to keep themselves from falling over at a stop.

    1. This makes so much sense, I'm not sure why I never thought about street signs. Thanks for filling me in :)


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