Friday, August 10, 2012

Beating the Heat

I'm really not into warm weather.  I would much prefer overcast skies with the high temperature around 72 degrees.  But this is August, and it's pretty much the one consistent month of summer we have here in Oregon.  We are trying to enjoy the sun while we have it.
Pearl has been loving pool time.  My dad brought it to us on Monday which was perfect because that was the hottest day of the week.  We took some photos while Pearl enjoyed the water that evening.
I hope you are all keeping cool :)


  1. I'm not into warm weather either. And these days are really hot here!?

    Lovely photos. Especially the first one.

  2. Oh my word! It's been superrrr hot here too! Can I get one of those tiny pools for me too you think? lol Gosh..Little Pearl is the cutest! She looks like she's lovin' it!


  3. I think that is a perfect way to beat the heat! I am originally an Oregonian turned Utahan! Love that state :) and I love your little ladies was a contender when we were naming out daughter!

  4. I do not enjoy warm weather (it's one of the reasons I love SF) but if it were hot here, I would totally follow Pearl's lead and party it up in a pool. :)

  5. she's such a cutie. Down here in the south it's been a cool week. The high has only been around 89! woo hoo


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