Friday, August 24, 2012

Pearl's Birthday Invitation

If you saw my initial inspiration post for Pearl's birthday, you would know I was leaning toward using lots of balloons.  And if you follow me on Pinterest, you would see that it has since become more hot air balloon specific.  I have so many ideas, but haven't started anything yet besides the invitations.
I actually invited most people through Facebook and just attached this invitation for party details, but a few people will be getting them in the mail.  And by a few people I mostly mean my grandparents since they don't have Facebook.
Anyway, this is the simple invitation I came up with.  I used my Wacom Bamboo Connect to draw the  image and background and then added the text in Illustrator.  I wanted it to look hand drawn and a bit scribbly, like a kid could have done it.  Plus, it was my first real drawing project on the tablet so kind of messy was easier for me to manage.
This address isn't even close to being our address or any real address at all.
I can't wait to start working on party decorations!


  1. You are so talented! It is so cute and looks great! H's party is the same day! I haven't even gotten his invites out yet. Oy!

  2. A balloon theme is perfect! I really love the invitation you came up with ... its cute and scribbly, like you said.

  3. It's pretty!! I bet Pearl likes it.

  4. Super cute, Kira!

    I hate to burst your bubble (or balloon?) but did you hear about the global helium shortage? You can still get helium if you look hard enough, but it is supposedly more expensive. I hope that doesn't ruin any of your plans!

    1. That is part of the reason I switched to the hot air balloon theme. Most of my projects won't require helium and a lot of them don't actually even use balloons!

  5. Very nice birthday invitation! I like the idea.

  6. Adorable. I love the hot air balloon theme.

  7. awww! How cute! I love the invitation. xo

  8. what?? 1 already?? love the invitation

  9. I love this!! (even cooler that you drew it!!)


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