Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Portlander Problems #22

1. Dear East Portland residents, the Fourth of July was over a month ago.  Please stop with the illegal fireworks.  You are freaking my dogs out.
2. It has been HOT here, like pushing 100 degrees!  We are all miserable.
3. My neighbor actually runs a CSA out of his amazing home garden, and my front yard is full of weeds.

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If you live in the Portland area and want to share some of your own, I would love if you would submit your Portlander Problems to me. 
I will post yours one of these coming weeks.  E-mail me at kiralynnpdx@gmail.com.


  1. LOL!!! I can totally relate to #1! The people in my neighborhood still have fireworks - SO ANNOYING!

  2. :)
    1. This happens here in january (after Christmas and New Year).
    2. It's still hot here!?
    3. :/ - no comment -


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