Saturday, September 29, 2012

One Year Old!

Pearl is one year old!
Pearl is officially a "big cousin" as of this month.  We went up to Bremerton, WA to visit my sister and Pearl's new cousin Tucker.  Pearl had just started saying baby all the time (sounds more like "be-be") so it was really cute to hear her repeat that over and over again while we were in the room visiting them.  She also spent her first night sleeping in a tent that weekend.
We took her on a real camping trip after her first tent sleeping experience went so well.  She had a blast playing outside.  Pearl was a complete dirty mess, but she was so happy.  I was amazed by how well she will sleep in a tent.  The three nights she spent in a tent were so much better than most nights at home.
Pearl is walking everywhere these days.  It didn't take her long to master that skill.  She can get up into a standing position without grabbing onto anything.  I think that has helped a lot in getting her to walk more.  Now if she falls down or sits down to play, she will just pick herself up instead of crawling to her next destination.  She can even run!
She has really begun to get herself into some interesting situations.  I have to watch her like a hawk.  She often tries to crawl up onto our fireplace and climbs up onto furniture.  The problem is that she is a lot better at getting up on things than getting back down.  It makes me so nervous that she is going to hurt herself.
Pearl has also figured out how to open our sliding glass door.  She can't reach the handle, but somehow manages to wedge her little fingers in the side and pull.  Going outside is her favorite thing to do so I can no longer just let her hang out in front of the door and watch the dogs play through the glass out of view.  She is also constantly closing doors on me.  She thinks it is the funniest thing unless I don't open the door back up right away.  If I don't open it up for her to see me pretty much immediately, she starts to cry.
A really frustrating thing she is into is playing in the dog food dishes.  She will go sit down in the food dish and just splash like crazy in the water dish until she and the kitchen floor are soaked.  I generally don't let it go very far, but we have let it continue for an occasional photo-op.
We had her first birthday party today.  She seemed to really enjoy her special day.  We love our little girl so much and can't believe how quickly she has grown.  It's a little sad that she isn't a baby anymore, but it is so fun to see how much she learns and grows each month.  Pearl is fun!
Pearl Stats:
weight: 19 lbs 6 oz
length: 28.5 in
See how much she has grown!


  1. She is a lot of fun, I wish I could see her more. Glad we were able to celebrate with you guys today, so crazy she is one already!

  2. such a cool blog Kira! your baby girl is soooo precious!

    1. Thanks! Leave your name next time so I know who you are!

  3. She is just sooo adorable. I love these photos and how much of her personality shines through!

  4. Aww!! I can't believe she is already 1! She is so so precious!

  5. H is into the dog dish, too. It's his favorite thing to do. We don't leave food in it but he loves to splash in the water. He just doesn't understand why he shouldn't be allowed to do it! ;)

    Could you put a stick/yard stick/long, skinny piece of wood in the bottom track of your sliding door to keep it from sliding? I've seen that before in places I've stayed with sliding doors. Just a thought!

  6. Happy birthday Pearl! I swear, she is the cutest little lady. She always seems so happy and up to something. Haha. Playing in the dog bowl sounds pretty cute and pretty messy. She has grown so much the past year. It is so crazy how fast little ones grow. Her bday pictures on IG were just too sweet. It looks like she had a blast :]

  7. happy birthday pearl! she's too cute.

  8. It's so crazy that she can run!! It must be so cute to watch! Happy 1 year beautiful girl!! xoxo


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