Thursday, September 27, 2012

How to: Party Favors in a Jar

I told you all about the salted caramel recipe that I chose for baby shower party favors here.  This post is all about how I packaged the final product.  You can use this tutorial for anything that you want to give as a gift in a jar.
Supplies you will need:
Basically any fabric you like will work for this project.  Pinking shears are best for cutting your fabric since they help keep it from fraying and create a decorative edge, but scissors will do the job just fine.
Start out by creating a circle pattern with a 7 inch diameter.  In order to make that easier for you, click here for a pdf with a 7 inch circle.  Simply pin the pattern to your fabric and cut out as many circles as you need.
I also created little tags in Adobe Illustrator.  I wanted to make sure people knew what they were getting and just in case I didn't get a chance to talk to them, I also wanted to include that the sauce should only keep for two weeks.  If you don't have Illustrator, I'm sure you could use Microsoft Word to make simple tags.  Using stamps or handwriting them would be cute too.  If you do happen to make salted caramel sauce, here is a printable with a sheet of my tags for you to use!
I recommend letting your sauce cool in the refrigerator for a few hours before attempting to decorate.  I just put them back in the refrigerator after I finished.  First cut out and punch holes in your tags.  Then place your fabric circle on top of your lid (while the lid is secured to the jar of course).  Hold it down, wrap the baker's twine around it, slide your tag through, and tie a knot.  Then just clip your twine ends and you're good to go.  Super simple assembly process!
I have also used this idea for a hot chocolate mix that I gave as Christmas gifts one year.  You can see those here.


  1. Perfect!! Thanks for sharing this cute tutorial, Kira!!

  2. The favors were so cute, and the sauce is delicious! Sarah and I had it on top of Tres Leches cake (as if it needed to be any more decadent).


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