Monday, September 17, 2012

Pearl's First Camping Trip

We went on a camping trip this weekend.  It was Pearl's first time spending a weekend out in the wilderness.  It took me about an hour after we arrived to finally set her on the ground.  For a baby who rarely wants to be held anymore, I knew that attempting to hold her up from the dirt all weekend was not going to work out.
She absolutely loved crawling around in the dirt.  She was a mess, but had so much fun picking up sticks and rocks and then reaching out her hand to show them to me.  I'm so glad that she is mostly over putting things in her mouth or this trip would have been miserable for me.  She only tried that twice and I caught her in time.
Pearl also enjoyed meeting our friend's dogs and attempted to give them snacks like she always does with ours.  She went on a hike with us, hung out while her daddy fished, and went for a little swim.  Pearl refused to nap, but she was in a generally good mood which is rare if she hasn't slept during the day.  Once bedtime rolled around, she was completely exhausted and slept through the night.  She actually slept in an extra hour than usual.
We had a great time.  It was fun to watch Pearl exploring and seeing new things for the first time (once I got over how dirty she was).


  1. That sounds like a great weekend! Those are the moments I can't wait for with this baby that's soon to be out in the world! Congratulations on it going so well!

  2. You are so brave!!! We LOVE camping, but at almost 3 yrs old we still haven't been brave enough to make Ellie sleep in a tent...her sleeping already stinks as it is...the last thing we need is her screaming all night waking up all of the other campers!
    It's so refreshing to see parents who expose their kids to nature like this though, good for you!!! Glad Pearl had a great time!
    ♥ Kyna

  3. Love your blog. New follower. Follow me back via GFC?

  4. Wow!! This sounds great!
    You can see on her face that she enjoyed the camping experience so much. :)

  5. Oh Kira what a fun experience! I know I will have to lighten up at some point and allow our daughter to get dirty while camping too. The dirt doesn't worry me as much as Greg wanting her to ride the quad with him though! Can't believe Pearl will be one year old in only a couple weeks.


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