Monday, October 1, 2012

Pearl's (Hot Air Balloon Themed) First Birthday Party!

Pearl had the best time at her birthday party.
It was so fun to watch her walk around and visit her guests.  She played with each toy as she opened them and tried to put her new outfits on over her head.  I was so pleasantly surprised by how interactive she was and how much she seemed to understand.  Pearl was well aware that the party was for her.
So many of our family and friends came to wish Pearl a happy birthday.  Many of them even brought food so I barely had to make anything which was so nice.  Thanks to everyone who came!
Now on to the pictures...
I printed out all of her monthly photos for people to view.
Hot air balloons made with paper lanterns, yarn, and party favor boxes I found at the dollar store.
I made hot air balloon garlands by cutting simple shapes out of patterned paper and tying them together with baker's twine.
Homemade party hats.
My mom created a build-your-own caramel apple bar.
My friend Karen made amazing cupcakes for the party.
Pearl's cake which I made from the first recipe on this list.
Checking out her new TOMS from my sister Kacy.
A few of the kids grabbed a fork to try Pearl's cake.  Bennett started feeding her.
I will share more photobooth shots tomorrow.  The original idea is from this blog.


  1. What a fantastic party!! You, mama, are amazingly creative!! Love all of it!! The hot air balloon theme is so cute. xoxo

  2. How adorable! I think everything is totally ingenious: and it looks like Pearl had a blast!

  3. You are super creative!! I love it! Such a neat and original theme!
    ♥ Kyna

  4. Everything was really cute... And I think Pearl enjoyed herself!

  5. wow!! you made all these pretty things!! you're amazing.

  6. yay !!! Happy Birthday Pearl! Everthing looks delicious! (I loved deviled eggs lol)

  7. Love it all! You did a great job with everything!

  8. So super cute!! I love the hot air balloon garland and balloon basket photo booth!! Such a fun idea for a first birthday party =)

  9. What an adorable party! Her cake looks delicious :q

  10. I want a hot air balloon party!!! SO CUTE!!!

  11. I am in love with every little detail. Great job! And, I so wish I had that list when I was making X's cake. I came up with a recipe for his... and, while healthier than normal cake, it wasn't as good as that one!


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