Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Portlander Problems #31

Latest Problems:
1. I have this neighbor who walks his goat on a leash.  I recently witnessed him trying desperately to get his goat in the back of a pick-up.  As I walked by, he was begging the goat to get inside.  I wonder if it ever worked out for him.
2. There are two local candidates for state representative this year that have wasted so much paper sending me flyers that I don't feel like I can vote for either of them.  It's too bad those two candidates are running against each other.  I may just leave that one blank.
3. Throughout September and early October I kept talking about how tired I was of the sun and was ready for fall to hit.  Now that the rain is here...I want the sun back.

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If you live in the Portland area and want to share some of your own, I would love if you would submit your Portlander Problems to me. 
I will post yours one of these coming weeks.  E-mail me at kiralynnpdx@gmail.com.


  1. hm.. a pet goat? does he milk it and make goat cheese? because if he did then i would like him to be my neighbor as long as he shared his goat cheese

  2. Do a lot of your neighbors have pet goats? I feel like that kind of rolled off your tounge super easy. And don't vote for those non green candidates! I won't vote for them either ;) I'm still wishing for fall to hit here - it's almost 80 out today!! Make sure to stop by and check out my giveaway - its a good one!

  3. I kind of want a goat. That I could walk on a leash. I'm not afraid to admit it. :)

  4. having goats & chickens is pretty PDX for sure, my sister has 3 chickens in fact!
    Love the Portlander Problems feature.


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