Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Night I Made a Casserole

Earlier this week while lying in bed, I had an epiphany.
You just throw everything in a dish and bake it right?  Maybe I could handle making casseroles.  I turned to Jeremy and said, "I'm going to make a casserole."
I found a casserole recipe with ingredients that Jeremy and I would both like and that Pearl could also eat.  I needed to buy cereal and milk (our usual dinner staples) so I picked up all of the necessary ingredients for my perfect easy dinner.
I started making my casserole.  I needed 8 ounces of shredded cheese.  "How the heck do I know once I have grated 8 ounces?"  I guessed.  Then it said to separate it into two 4 ounce piles because I was going to do different things with the halves.  "Why?  It's all going in the same dish."
Then I got to chopping the onions.  Again, it said to split the two halves for different purposes.  One half was supposed to be sautéed and the other wasn't.  "Why the heck am I only sautéing half of the onions?  What is the point of that?"
I made the dough for the crust.  I started putting it into the bottom of the pan and realized that I forgot to grease the pan.  So I picked it up and was holding a ball of dough in one hand while trying to open the cooking spray with the other.  I was having a heck of a time and then I realized that my hand was bleeding.  "When did I cut my hand?  It doesn't matter.  I need to keep the blood out of the dough."  So I set the ball of dough down, cleaned the blood off of my hand, and opened the cooking spray container which was now covered in sticky dough.
I finally got to assembling the casserole and the recipe author had a very specific order to layer the ingredients in.  I guess I was tired of following the directions so I put them in a different order just to spite her.
Once it was all assembled, I had officially spent 30 minutes in the kitchen, now had a ton of dishes to do, and still had to wait 40 minutes for the casserole to bake.  It ended up tasting pretty good, but didn't seem worth the effort to me.
I guess casseroles are not my thing.  I'm glad I bought more cereal.


  1. Haha nice... At least you tried right?! 30 mins preparing dinner is actually not very long. I always say dinner wont take long but I'm always in the kitchen for at least an hour...ugh. Sometimes if I know I have a bunch of chopping I will do it earlier in the day to cut down on time. Don't give up on the casseroles, especially since its getting colder out! :)

  2. ha ha ha!
    Here's one for you: Tater Tot Casserole
    ground beef or veggie crumbles (fake ground meat)
    1 can cream of mushroom soup (sometimes more depending on the size of your vessel)
    tater tot or my fav, tater crowns.

    push meat into 1/4- 1/2" layer on the bottom of the pan.
    pour cream of mushroom soup on top, smooth evenly
    add tater tots on top. i like to do designs, but you can pour them on.
    stick it in an oven at 375, bake about 30-45 mins or until the tots are crispy and the meat smells yummy.

    it's a fav dish in our house and takes about 5 mins to make and only dirtys 1 pan & a spatula.

  3. Hahaha! Casseroles are one of my favorite things to make! I buy already shredded cheese in an 8 oz bag which makes all that measuring easier. ;) Do you have a crockpot? Maybe you should try a crockpot meal next!

  4. I am obsessed with casseroles. I could eat them every day. But, it sounds like your recipe was a tad complicated. Next time, google easy casserole...haha! That's what I do! :D

  5. haha just to spite her! i'm the same way with cooking- at the end of it i just feel like it was waaay more bother than it was worth. and ugh the dishes. good luck on your next excursion

  6. Ahahaha. I hope your hand is ok - yikes. I have the worst time following recipes. I am glad it turned out well even if it ended up being a lot more work than you had hoped. At least you can cross it off your list of things to try.

  7. When I first opened your blog, I thought "OMG! SO CUTE!" Your header is absolutely adorable! Did you design it yourself?


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