Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Toddler Style #1

I used to do baby style posts all the time when Pearl was little.  It has been a long time since I have done one, and I figured it was time to bring it back.  Pearl isn't really a baby anymore so the name of these posts has been changed to "Toddler Style" (I know, super creative).
Pearl recently got an adorable snapsuit from Baby Star and I have been enjoying styling it in different ways.  It's a perfect baselayer for this cold weather.  This is how she is wearing it today, but I have also found that it layers great under dresses with shorter sleeves so she can keep wearing them through the winter.
Snapsuit: c/o Baby Star, Sweater: Carter's, Shoes: TOMS, Hat: Columbia Sportswear, Socks: Target
Lately she has been sticking her hand down the back of her diaper.  It has been driving me crazy so the one piece has been a fantastic solution for that.  Also,  Baby Star is based in Portland (bonus!) and their products are all organic cotton and soy based.  I definitely plan to buy some pieces for the little babies in our lives come Christmas time.


  1. Holy cow look how big she is getting! And so adorable still, I feel like I haven't stopped by in forever. I love this little outfit, when I have another child can you dress them for me!?

  2. So cute! Cruz has the same habit of sticking his hands down the back of his diaper, so annoying!

  3. Too cute! I love the one piece snap outfits but I have a very hard time finding any that will fit H. The legs are too short or the snaps pop open in the diaper area because it's not long enough. So sad! I have also seen people use footie sleepers the same way with the layering and it actually looks really cute!

  4. Oh, I'm happy that Pearl Style posts are back!! I love her style. :) And she is such a cute toddler!

  5. This is definitely my favourite Toddler Style photograph I've seen. Wait - it's the only. Well, it's my favourite Pearl-outfit. She looks adorable! Gah! The entire ensemble is perfect. Love it!

  6. Sticking her hand down her diaper ... I've been around lots of babies, and I don't think I've ever seen that :) Well it looks like you've prevented that and she looks truly cute in the meantime.


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