Thursday, November 8, 2012


Pearl has been challenging me this week.
She is climbing everything.
Pearl will be playing nicely with a toy on the floor and the second I go to rinse off a dish, grab the laundry, or do anything else that takes about a minute or less, I come back to her standing on top of the couch yanking on our house plant.  Or standing on her rocking chair.  Or climbing onto a storage bin so she can again reach that house plant.  Or turning a laundry basket upside down so she can stand on top.
She is amazingly resourceful.  Pearl can't climb onto the couch without help so she will drag something over that she can use as a step.  I have found this week that I can't even leave her alone for a short period of time anymore.  I make her come with me everywhere I go around the house.  I don't mind having an adorable little shadow following me everywhere.  I just want to make sure she is safe.
I wish she would listen to me when I tell her not to do things.  She considers the word "no" to be a fun game.  If I tell her no, she will shake her head and say "do, do, do" with a big smile on her face and keep doing what I told her not to do.  She seems too young to discipline for these things, but I don't know...maybe I'm wrong.  Any advice would be appreciated.


  1. I disciplined my kids ever since they were very very young. When they are at the point they can understand I did it. I wouldn't call it 'discipline' really. But I would have a firm voice and yell NO! You can say something like "do you want a time out?" she will soon understand what that is . make a chair in the corner for her to sit. make her sit for one minute. you will have to hold her. Tell her 'that is dangerous, you could fall'. You have to start pretty early or they never learn. if you let it go now they will think 'well why was it okay before?' know what i mean? hope this helps :) she's so cute though! and yes, when you say NO they will say no back. ignore those comments. it's ok. she'll get it eventually when she hates sitting in 'time out'. just be firm and stand your ground. hope this helps some. :) I have 4, so I've been through it all. My 2nd one was awful. he would pull down his diaper and say 'spank me' and 'come on, now!' LOL. he is pretty much ADHD though. He is still my tough one and he is 17. always has to have the last word. lol.

  2. Oh Pearl...she is testing the waters and apparently wants to be an acrobat some day. Haha. She is adorable!

  3. Every photo makes me take a deep breath! I remember those days! They have no fear. She is adorable. At this age you just have to watch her like a hawk. Soon you'll need to bring out the time out. She will learn quickly.

  4. I know I alwasys say this but serious, she is adorable!!!!! Oh, to be a child again! :)

    PS: I love that gray color on your walls!

    <3 Denise

  5. oh I foresee this in my near future:-) I was always the strong-willed child for my parents...sooooo, I'm just crossing my fingers that Daniel's angel genes have been passed on to the Bean. xoxo

  6. Hee hee! I think I'm still going through the 'no' stage!
    As long as she's safe, I'd let her get away with murder - wayyy too cute to discipline ;)
    Good luck!

  7. Oh my gosh! Pearl in peril???? Can't have that! She's too cute! Bring out the timeout chair.. I've seen it work for lots of families...


  8. H is doing very similar things. And as of yesterday, he can climb onto the couch by himself. OY. H's favorite naughty things to do are play with the DVD player, press the television buttons, try to pull lamps off end tables, and try to unplug and plug back in lamps. ;( I'm not sure what to do either. Sometimes I wonder if ignoring it/not making a big deal about it is best? Obviously if he's in danger, I say NO NO and remove him from it. With the trying to move lamps, I sometimes just hold onto the lamp and ignore him....I know he knows he's not supposed to be doing it by the look in his eye. ;) Ahhh, I'm not ready for discipline!

  9. Oh, I remember this phase! :) And sorry, I have no advice. It will pass ... And then another one will come ...
    And seriously, she's too cute!!

  10. Too cute, but I can see how this would be super stressful!

  11. Ohh... she is oh so cute doing it though! And, "Do!Do!Do!" She is so verbal! X likes to also do things he knows he shouldn't do. He looks at me to see if I am going to get onto him.

    We've been doing timeouts. They don't last long. I have to hold him. I say things over and over again like, "You are in time out because you climbed on the chair after mommy asked you not to. Climbing on the chair is dangerous. Dangerous things can make X hurt and I don't want that." OVER AND OVER. I try to keep it simple, but still say why he is in time out.

    He hugs me after his timeouts. Every time! I think he is getting it, even if he does like to toe the line too often.

  12. I love that she crawled on the chair...on it's side. That girl is resourceful!


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