Monday, December 10, 2012

A Quick Holiday Party

I hosted an Arbonne party with close female relatives about a week ago.  The plan was to make it Christmas themed so I really didn't have to do much as I expected to have all of my Christmas decorations up by that point.  But life happens.  I was dealing with Pearl's broken leg, she had a high fever, I was busy with work, and then there was the whole pregnancy thing making me extra exhausted.  I ended up not having time to put together the awesome party I had planned. We hadn't gotten our tree yet, most of our decorations were still in storage bins, and I had zero time to cook or do fun Christmas crafts.  Jeremy helped me clean the house so that at least got done.
The point I am trying to get to here is that I actually did manage to have a party and it's pretty much solely due to a quick trip to Trader Joe's.  I managed to get enough pretty food for everyone and a cute table centerpiece all in one place.  Not the ideal situation, but the party was fun, and so much less stressful once I decided to let go of all of my original plans.


  1. Thank the Lord for Trader Joes. Seriously. They've saved many a party:-) And your stockings are so cute! One of the big things I've learned about hospitality is: It doesn't matter what food you have, the size of your house, decor, blah blah blah. As long as you have a clean space and food, people are going to be happy:-) xoxo

  2. Trader Joe's to the rescue once again! Love them!

  3. I had those same Trader Joe stars at my holiday party this weekend!! Have you had their peppermint oreos? To die for!

  4. oh my gosh, those chocolate stars from Trader Joe's are the BEST. So good. And those stockings are so cute.


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