Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Portlander Problems #33

My Problems from the Weekend:
1. As an Oregonian, I feel it is my duty to have a real Christmas tree.  As a tree hugging Portlander, I feel terrible about it at the same time.  Right before Jeremy cut down our tree I started feeling so guilty about ending it's life.  On the other hand, that tree was specifically grown for that purpose and don't I want it to fulfill it's purpose?  Ugh, why do Christmas trees cause me so much distress?
2. My sister (who does not live in the city) came up to attend Crafty Wonderland with me on Sunday.  She kept complaining about how everything smelled like patchouli.  I had no idea what she was talking about.  I kept sniffing, but didn't smell anything out of the ordinary.  Finally, we came to a specific area where the scent was stronger and she said "that's it, can you smell it?"  It took me a minute to notice the scent because apparently the smell of patchouli is the smell of normal in Portland.  I just thought all retail spaces smelled like that.

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If you live in the Portland area and want to share some of your own, I would love if you would submit your Portlander Problems to me. 
I will post yours one of these coming weeks.  E-mail me at kiralynnpdx@gmail.com.


  1. maybe next year, this company will be in more states than california.. :) http://livingchristmas.com

  2. Too funny! I've been a patchouli scent lover for many years. Guess I'd like Portland. ;)

  3. I understand your stress about the Christmas tree...but because I'm so obsessed with Christmas of coursssse I have to have a real one! Fake is out of the question!

  4. This made me laugh so hard... I love you, friend. And yes, Portland smells like patchouli. I was walking in the downtown Salem mall and the smell was pouring out of one of the closed storefronts and my exact thought was "What? You think this is Portland? Knock it off, people."
    - Tab


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