Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Recap - A Crazy Two Days

I wasn't even sure I was going to do a Christmas recap this year.  It turned out to be a very strange couple of days.  As I mentioned here before, my grandma passed away on Christmas Day.  There were also a number of family members who ended up sick.  Jeremy wasn't able to travel with me and Pearl on Christmas due to a stomach bug which Pearl and I also had a few days prior.  Lots of sickness and sadness, but there were good things as well. 
We hosted the Christmas Eve dinner at our house for the first time.  It went really well.  Pearl also enjoyed opening her first stocking and playing with her cousins and all of her gifts.  I did take some photos so I figured they were worth sharing.
Opening her stocking from us
Playing with her new crayons
Opening her stocking from Gammie and Pop-Pop
Matching her daddy on Christmas Eve
Giving kisses to her aunt Carolyn
 Grampy taking photos of Pearl
 Tasting her bracelets from her aunt Kara
Cousin Maleah 
Hugging a new friend with Grampy and Mimi
 Our gifts this year. I used vintage rick-rack in place of ribbons.
 I hope you all had a lovely Holiday Season.


  1. awe, great photos! Looks like Pearl really enjoyed herself :) And I loved her and Jeremy in their matching plaid/flannel!

  2. I love the matching picture! My husband is going to be over the moon when he has kids and can dress them in flannel!

  3. Pearl seems so sweet- giving out kisses and snuggles!

  4. I'm sorry your holidays were rough this year Kira, but it looks like you were still able to squeeze in some fun. I love the rickrack instead of ribbon!


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