Saturday, January 19, 2013

Seattle Recommendations?

Seagulls that got too close for comfort on a past Seattle trip
We have a short Seattle trip coming up soon and I was wondering if any of you other Pacific NW dwellers have recommendations on toddler friendly places to visit while there?  Jeremy is speaking at a conference so it will just be me and Pearl out exploring together during the day.  I have been to Seattle many times before, but never with a busy toddler.  Toddler-centered places would be great suggestions as well as kid friendly restaurants.  If you have suggestions on great places for baby clothes, I would love to hear them as well.  I wouldn't mind doing some shopping for baby boy.  Any advice would be appreciated!


  1. Seattle Children's Museum and Pacific Science Center are great! Have a good trip!

  2. i've been wanting to go visit Seattle! it's so close! hope you have a wonderful trip. :)

  3. If you like beaches you should check out Carkeek Park. There's a little playground there too with a fish sliding board! I'm vegetarian so I go to a nice Chinese restaurant called Bamboo Garden. They are always super nice to kids there! They'll bring out apples and bags of fortune cookies for the kids to take home.

  4. i have a friend who nannies and takes her kid to the children's museum everyday. I agree with Sarah, Bamboo Garden is amazing and pretty close to the museum. The aquarium and zoo are pretty good as well.

    1. I just remembered that the Zoo has an awesome kids' section with a petting zoo and mini farm. I loved it (big kid)

  5. The aquarium is great!!
    ♥ Kyna


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