Friday, February 8, 2013

Toddler Style #4 - Old and New

Pearl wore this outfit at home today.  I would have put tights and shoes with it if we were leaving the house, but she enjoys playing at home with bare feet and legs :)
Shirt: vintage, Skirt: Hooray Haroo
The shirt Pearl is wearing once belonged to my sister-in-law as a child.  Jeremy's mom saved a bunch of her outfits so Pearl and cousin Ari are enjoying the benefits of that now.
Pearl's skirt was recently given to us by my friend Roxy who is co-owner of the children's brand Hooray Haroo.  They make sweet little outfits for girls.  If you love ruffles and prints on your little lady, you should definitely check them out!


  1. Pearl is darling! I love her cute little outfit! Hope you guys have a great weekend, Kira!

  2. Sweetness!! She is the most stylish little girl ever. xo

  3. That skirt is adorable! I'll be clicking on the link to her shop! And I love that the shirt is from your family...that's so sweet!

  4. so so so cute!!!! love her chubby legs


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