Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Umi Sling

My friend Megan started a socially conscious business for a very important reason and I wanted to share a bit about it here.  Her company is called Umi Sling.  She handcrafts beautiful ring slings and with every purchase one is sent to a woman in Papua New Guinea.  This is the company's mission statement:

Can a simple piece of fabric help change a village? We believe it can. 
It's simple. Women around the world are responsible for their families, including gathering food, firewood, and water. Sometimes, this means neglecting the care of their babies due to the greater needs of their husbands and older children, especially when there is no extra fabric available to craft a baby carrier. Our mission is to improve the lives of mothers and young children by offering a practical solution: a simple fabric ring sling. 
Through our collaboration with Project Baby Bilum, the Umi Sling will be a catalyst for change in these women's lives, improving the health of their babies by providing access to their mothers and to the life-giving breast milk that they need to survive. 
Umi Sling is a social enterprise dedicated to bettering mothers' lives. Our first target is the women of rural Papua New Guinea, and hope to expand beyond to other areas in need.
Wear babies, change lives. This is babywearing with a purpose. 

You can read about Project Baby Bilum here to learn more about the inspiration behind the organization that Umi Sling works with.


  1. Such a great company! I love companies like this... If only I had a baby to buy one for! :)

  2. I love my Umi sling! And Megan was a joy to meet!

  3. I think this is just wonderful! Megan's heart for the women half a world away is so great! I can't wait until I have a kiddo and can get one of her slings! :-)

  4. What a great cause! I'm going to check her out right now! Thanks!
    ♥ Kyna

  5. Well now I know where I'll be ordering my Ring Sling for this summer!!

  6. Great idea I like it :)

    Vintage Inspired Fashion by Independent Designers for Your Little darling

  7. Thanks so much Kira!!! So good to see you the other day. We'll have to get the girls together in a little quieter setting so mine aren't so deer-in-the-headlights. Pearl rocked it, of course. ;)


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