Monday, March 11, 2013

Portlander Problems #37 - East Portland Problems

1. Sometimes I put items in the mail for friends who live far out on the west side because I don't want to drive all the way over there.
2. I'm not sure what to do with the shopping cart someone left in my front yard.
3. We are planning to get chickens.  Even though I have a ton of neighbors and friends with backyard chickens, I haven't asked anybody the long list of questions I have about them.  I'm too embarrassed about my lack of chicken knowledge.

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If you live in the Portland area and want to share some of your own, I would love if you would submit your Portlander Problems to me. 
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  1. Yay for chickens! I know nothing about them either... but, I'm excited to learn from you!

  2. haha, the west side is like a whole other world!:-) xoxo

  3. I miss having East side problems. I previously lived in a place we affectionately referred to as The Corner of Yuppy-ville and Crack Alley. I loved setting things out front and watching to see who picked them up. Old furniture, clothes, and once a bucket of hardened concrete with a chain in the middle. Good times.

  4. I love these so much. I love living on the East side! :-)

  5. You can ask me about chickens. Thomas inherited two when his son brought home two chicks. Or you could always check a book out from the library. Actually, we have one about Backyard Chickens you could probably borrow.

  6. I sooooo want chickens. I saw a community class advertised somewhere about backyard chicken care!


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