Thursday, April 25, 2013

Feeling Exhausted

Tomorrow is exactly one month from my due date.  I'm at a point in my pregnancy where I am extremely uncomfortable.  It is nearly impossible for me to get up from a sitting position and walk around like a normal person.  I feel stiff and sometimes it's pretty painful, but I try my hardest not to waddle.  I want to at least hold onto my dignity.
Sleep has turned into a big joke lately. I have to prop all kinds of things under myself to get comfortable and wake up about every hour to pee.  It has been especially bad this week because Pearl has a cold and has been wanting to sleep right next to me on my pillow instead of in her bed.
a cell phone photo of my pillow buddy this morning
Tomorrow is the last day of my current freelance job though and we have a little vacation planned this weekend.  I'm looking forward to having at least a couple of weeks work-free to hopefully rest a bit and get ready for this baby to come.  I have a few more thoughtful posts planned for the blog that I will finally have time to put together.  I promise to be posting here more regularly again starting next week.


  1. I just read this :

    If you ever need me to order you a pizza for dinner - just name the date. I love you, friend.

    - Tab

  2. Ahh yes, the glorious last weeks of pregnancy ;) I had kind of let myself forget what it's really like at the end, thanks for the reminder! haha. Love your honesty and 'real-ness'. Hoping you can get a bit more rest, and really enjoy your vacation! (And Pearl looks so cozy all snuggled up in your bed.) xo

  3. oh man oh man, this makes me all kinds of nervous/excited for baby #2, (whenever that day happens to be for us). You are a rockstar though! Kick your feet up this weekend! You deserve it!!! xoxo

  4. Oh my, I'm sorry things are rough right now! Let's hope the little one decides to be a tiny bit early. ;-) Have an AMAZING and relaxing weekend!

  5. Rest up friend and enjoy your adorable little pillow buddy. :)

  6. Sending positive thoughts :)


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