Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Portlander Problems #40 - Guest Portlander!

The problems this week come from the very talented photographer,  Macey of Motormouth Studios!

1. When the sun (finally) comes out, so do all the pasty white people.  No wonder Twilight was filmed here, we all look like vampires!
2. Flip flops are not a choice between the months of September-June.  The few times I've made the mistake of wearing them anyway, I've hydroplaned... and not gracefully.
3. Always choosing a place to eat, have coffee, or shop on the East side because...free parking.
4. Seeing on the map that my destination is only 2.6 miles away, and then realizing that it's after 3 and I'll have to take I-5 which means I'll (hopefully) make it there in time for dinner.

Thanks Macey!
Click here to see the problems from past weeks.
If you live in the Portland area and want to share some of your own, I would love if you would submit your Portlander Problems to me. 
I will post yours one of these coming weeks.  E-mail me at kiralynnpdx@gmail.com.


  1. rocking my pasty white legs in a skirt this fine tuesday! #vampirefashion

  2. yes... I was thinking about my white legs... and yes flip flops and wet weather = no bueno! Aye - I5 after 3!

  3. On a positive note, my friend was JUST telling me that Portland is the cleanest city she's ever been to! Is that true?? Loving your new picture up top!

  4. Haha. These are awesome. Pasty skin? Check! I've been wanting to write one of these but then I always realize that I just agree with other people - I'm not amusing enough to write my own. ;-)

  5. I've still been wearing leggings under my shorts because I don't want to blind anyone! Portlander problem indeed! xoxo


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