Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hooray Haroo Shop!

Last week I had the opportunity to witness something very exciting.  My friend Roxy, along with her business partner Staci, opened their new children't boutique!  Roxy and I worked very closely together for a few design seasons before I had Pearl.  We got to know one another very well and she is one of the few people that I keep up with regularly from that company.  It has been fun to watch her start a business with a friend and have it grow into what it is today.  I'm so excited to see a friend realize a dream.
Pearl and I stopped by their store last week as they were preparing the space.  I love all of the work they did.  They painted the floor with lace stencils and accented the wall space with a bright turquoise.  It's a really happy space.
I also had a chance to look at some of the product they are selling.  They have their own line of adorable girls clothing and sell from a number of local vendors.  They carry very popular kids items like Blabla Dolls as well.  I love supporting local businesses so it's great to know that when I buy from their store, I am not only supporting local shop owners, but the majority of the items are made locally as well.  They have my bow ties and bibs for sale too!
If you are local to the Portland area, I highly recommend checking out their shop which just opened on Mother's Day!
The store is located in the Sellwood area of SE Portland at:
8235 SE 13th Ave
Portland, OR 97202
Check out their Facebook page for more info.


  1. Next time i am shopping for a baby shower gift I will have to check them out. I love supporting local businesses, esp. women entrepreneurs

  2. ahhh this shop is too cute! and it makes me miss living in the sellwood area.

  3. What a super cute shop! Love that turquoise. I actually bought a little can of oops paint in that color and don't know what to do with it... not sure my husband would let me paint an accent wall that color... =)

  4. This looks amazing; lots of luck!! Also, thanks for the kind words on my sketches.

  5. Such a cute and adorable store.

    PS How are you feeling mama? I do love Pearl's pigtails :)

  6. The shop looks great! I also love that the majority of the items were made locally. I wish them luck :]


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