Monday, June 10, 2013

Axel's Birth Story

On Wednesday, May 22nd I had a check-up with my midwife.  I was 39 weeks and 3 days pregnant.  My appointment was at 10:00 am and I was dilated to 3 cm.  My midwife started talking to me about induction if I remained pregnant for another week.  I couldn't imagine still being pregnant a week from that day, but I left my appointment pretty disappointed that she considered it a possibility.
I had a lot of contractions over the previous three weeks and even had two instances of false labor that seemed very real for at least a couple of hours.  On that particular day though, nothing was happening.  My sister lives up in Bremerton, WA and really wanted to be here for the birth.  She kept talking to me throughout the day about how she was considering coming down that evening for a long weekend, but I told her she probably didn't need to worry about it.  I highly doubted it would be happening that evening.  She didn't listen to me and headed down anyway after my niece got out of school.
About 15 minutes after she arrived at my house (somewhere around 7:30 pm), my contractions started.  I didn't tell anyone I was having contractions 5-7 minutes apart for the first half hour because of the previous false labor situations.  I didn't want to get anyone's hopes up (including my own).  The contractions quickly started to transition though and I was having a hard time just ignoring them.  My mother-in-law came over that evening as well to play with Pearl for a bit.  I told everyone about my contractions around the time she arrived and started tracking them on an app on my phone.  They quickly became more painful.  About an hour after they started, I was in a lot of pain and the contractions were about 3-4 minutes apart.  I was confident that it was not false labor.
I called the hospital around 9 pm and they told me to come in.  I was so grateful to have my sister and mother-in-law at the house already to care for Pearl as we quickly packed up and headed out.  Once we arrived at the hospital, I labored in triage for around an hour.  They had a lot of women show up at once and by the time I was finally checked, I was dilated to 7 cm and my contractions were about 2 minutes apart. The best laboring position I found for me in triage was to stand and lean over the side of the raised bed during each contraction.  At one point I had Jeremy pull out his phone to show me a picture of Pearl so I could focus on something else.
Once we finally got to the delivery room, I quickly had to make a decision.  Should I get an epidural or not? I had tested positive for Group B Strep for this pregnancy which meant they wanted to give me antibiotics four hours prior to delivery.  We knew I would need to basically lay there and wait instead of going ahead and pushing to try to meet that four hour threshold as things were progressing rapidly.  I knew I couldn't easily manage doing that with the amount of pain I was in so I opted to get the epidural.  I'm so glad I did because right about the time it started taking effect, I began feeling pressure.  I was dilated to 10 cm and would have to wait for the full four hours.  If I didn't make it, the odds were the baby would be fine (GBS only harms 1 in every 200 babies whose mothers are carriers that don't take antibiotics).  They do require you to stay at the hospital at least 48 hours though if you don't meet the four hour threshold.  I really did not want to stay at the hospital that long so I tried my hardest to wait it out.  The bag of water was literally hanging outside of me.  I felt like I was having to hold him in each time I had a contraction.  It was such a weird feeling.  Exactly four hours after the antibiotics were administered, I started pushing.  He was out about 15 minutes later.
Axel was born at 3:11 am.  The first thing I noticed was his very blonde hair which I love.  A few people told me right away that he looked like me which was pretty exciting since Pearl looked exactly like Jeremy from the start.
The first person who came in to meet him (besides my mom and sisters who were already in the room) was Pearl.  She was sound asleep by that point though so Jeremy just held Axel up next to her and my sister took a picture.  She got to actually see him later that day.  Then the rest of the family came in.  It was fun to reveal his name to everybody as we had been keeping it a secret.  I was excited to hear his middle name too as Jeremy chose it and even kept it from me.
The whole labor and delivery process was much faster with Axel than my experience with Pearl.  He probably would have made his appearance a couple of hours earlier too if I hadn't waited out those four hours.  Recovery has been much easier this time too.  Thank God for that because life is really busy with two little ones!


  1. Congratulations on Axel! I don't know if you were as calm as you sound in the post, but you seemed very collected, including holding on for four hours (wow). I'm sure you'll never hear the end from your sister about how she was right :P

  2. oh my goodness! ah!

    i can't believe it's taken me this long to visit your blog... look what you've done in that time! axel is such a great name. congratulations, mama! happy to hear the recovery is going better this second time - i'm hoping for the same!

  3. After all that went into it, I'm so happy you're feeling well, that Axel is happy and healthy and that he looks like his pretty mama! :)

  4. Wow, go you, Kira!! So happy for you that Axel arrived safe and sound! xo

  5. So glad everything went smoothly! That's kind of crazy you were able to hold him in for 4 hours! Can't wait to meet Axel!

  6. I am so, so glad things went smoothly. He was a patient little guy to wait until your antibiotics kicked in. Ah! And I love the name. :)


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