Monday, June 3, 2013

Worth the Work

Having a 20 month old and an infant is pretty hard.  Shocking right?  I still haven't had my first day alone with them yet, but that will come tomorrow.  To be honest, I'm pretty nervous about it.  Even through the challenges we have had so far though, there are so many amazing moments that make this season of our lives totally worth it.  I have managed to capture a few of those special moments and thought I would share them here.
This is Pearl and Axel hanging out with my sisters' kids.  The boys were all born within eight months of each other.  I also love how Pearl is touching her brother's face.
A sweet kiss from sister to brother.  Pearl loves to give Axel hugs and kisses.
My silly family.
Daddy cuddles.
These three make me so happy.


  1. So happy for you that you are finding precious moments in the midst of the busy, hard moments. Your family is beautiful, and I will pray that your day alone with them goes much better than expected! xo

    1. i'm so happy for you Kira :) your babies are so adourable. and i can tell that there's a lot of love in your family* I am confident that you are & will continue to be a great mother with a happy & blessed family. Love you my friend*

  2. it's A LOT of work the first couple of years, but it DOES pay off in the end. My boys, although they fight a lot, are also each other best friends. Both are so proud of each other and the fights are usually because one doesn't want to play with the other. I became a master at grocery shopping, baby in carseat in the basket, toddler in the seat and hand held baskets on the bottom. (i still do this since i can't trust my boys to 1. not run off & 2. not destroy the food before we get home)
    I think that the infant with toddler stage as stressful as it can be, is easier than once the younger one gets mobile. Balancing the attention between the two little ones can be hard too, but usually the older realizes that the baby needs more of mommy's time and likes to help out. :)

  3. What a lot of cute little ones!! I feel terrible that I didn't see you'd had your baby--congrats!!!!!!!! What a sweet family you have!

  4. This is so sweet!! babies everywhere!

  5. Full house, have fun tomorrow!

  6. Hard work and your still blogging! I AM IMPRESSED. Today, this very moment is the first time I have read other blogs since the hospital. lol. And writing, forget it. You may be superwoman


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