Thursday, July 18, 2013

Axel's Modeling Debut

I listed a few new bib styles in the shop yesterday.  Since Pearl is too old for them now, I photographed them on Axel.  I was a little afraid that he wouldn't love the camera as much as Pearl, but it seems he is going to work out just fine as a bib model.
Also, check out the new items here!


  1. What a cutie! Those bibs are awesome, I am sending my sister over to get some for her little one :)

  2. He makes the perfect little model!!! And I (as always) adore your designs. Ah! I want a baby so I can buy one for myself!!

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  4. That child is too cute for words! Also love your Toddler Aprons at rainorshineshop. - Kim from

  5. Wow, those are super cute. I am (almost) sad Oz isn't in need of one too!


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