Thursday, August 15, 2013

2013 Oregon Coast Trip

 We went on our annual Oregon Coast trip last week.  This is the third year we have stayed in Gleneden Beach, OR with Jeremy's family.  I was pregnant with Pearl the first year, but it was all grown ups on that trip.  Last year we had Pearl with us and this year there were three kids!
We had lots of great family time playing games, going to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, and spending time on the beach.  Pearl decided to freak out every time her feet touched the sand so she mostly sat on a blanket or we held her.  I wonder how many years it will be until she actually likes the beach.  Hopefully by next year!
Things were a little more hectic this year with all of the kids, but they definitely added to the fun! 


  1. aren't as relaxing post-kids but they are more exciting- lots of firsts for the babies and seeing it all through the eyes of a child!

  2. I found your blog via the Portland Blogger's list and I'm so glad I did! What DARLING style you and your littles have. And your blog layout is awesome as well! Did you design it yourself? Blessings!

  3. Looks like the family is growing! What a great tradition :) I gotta get my nieces to the coast!

  4. Love all of these. Love seeing your kids together. I enjoy your family. Thanks for sharing these photographs. Oi, us Cascadians sure are spoiled...


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