Friday, August 23, 2013

3 Months Old!

Axel is three months old!
Our little guy is three months old and I kind of can't believe it.  This last month seemed to go by in a flash.  Axel is getting strong and has rolled over from belly to back about five times now.  He is generally a pretty happy guy and smiles a lot.  I finally got him to laugh yesterday during his bath.  It was just a little giggle, but it still counts!
He definitely prefers mommy over anybody else, but will still happily let anyone hold him.  He goes from sweetly smiling at Pearl to being completely terrified of her within a split second, but the fear is generally warranted.  She is really into jumping now and often wants to do it right next to his head.
I was so spoiled with Pearl's sleep schedule as a baby that I complained a little about him waking up once in the middle of the night last month.  I guess he decided to get back at me for that because he has been waking up a lot in the middle of the night recently.  At least he is usually done with a feeding in under 15 minutes.
People kept saying that he looked like me, but I really didn't see it until this month.  I can definitely see the resemblance now and I'm pretty excited about it since Pearl was always mini-Jeremy.
See how much he has grown!


  1. Wow, he has grown so much! He is soooo cute and looks so cuddly! B has only rolled back to belly....probably because we are bad about doing tummy time. Haha. I'm jealous you have one that looks like you! ;)

  2. He's gotten so big! I love these Kira. So fun watching him grow!

  3. That first picture!! Ahhh!! Such a sweet smile. I hope his nights get better for you!


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