Friday, August 16, 2013

Photos That Make Me Happy

My friend Margaret Jacobsen photographed a bunch of local moms with their kids yesterday.  We were lucky to get in on the photo shoot.  I have been wanting a good photo of me and the kids so when I heard about it, I immediately asked Margaret if we could sign up.  She is amazingly talented so I knew we would end up with something great, but the photos she gave us were more than just great to me.  I nearly started crying when I saw them.  I love them so much.
Check out Margaret's photography website.  She travels for work regularly so you can hire her even if you don't live in the Portland area.
Also, follow her Facebook page so you can see the rest of the photos from the shoot as well.  They are all so beautiful.


  1. I saw a bunch of her shots, the one with you holding Axel and giving Pearl a kiss is one of the sweetest ones. Something to treasure when the kids are all grown up.

  2. These are amazing! Such special pictures to have!

  3. They came out so beautifully! And I am obsessed with Pearl's shirt!


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