Thursday, September 26, 2013

4 Months Old!

Axel is four months old!
He is the sweetest little guy.  Axel smiles and laughs so much now.  He is generally very easy going too.  People constantly ask me in public, "Is he always this quiet?" or "Is he always this happy?".  The answer to those questions is no, but he is generally a pretty happy baby.  If I kiss his feet or tickle his neck in the bath he just explodes with laughter.  He also finds it hilarious when Pearl and I blow bubbles.  Pearl loves to see him laugh.
Axel does not like to be away from me and sometimes refuses a bottle when I am not able to be with him for a feeding.  It's totally hit and miss, sometimes he does fine, but there have been a few instances where he completely refuses and cries until he either falls asleep or I come home.  I try not to be away from him for more than two hours at a time just in case, but sometimes it's unavoidable.
He is starting to enjoy toys more now and loves grabbing at things, especially my hair.  He has also pulled Pearl's hair a few times which I think is good for her because now she knows it hurts when she tries to pull mine.
Axel still wants to be swaddled at bedtime and for naps.  If for some reason he can't be swaddled, he won't fall asleep unless I hold his hands down.  If he is in a swaddle though, I just need to lay him down and he will fall asleep on his own.  Pearl had to be rocked for every nap so Axel's ability to fall asleep on his own is wonderful to me.
Axel's Stats:
Length - 25"
Weight - 16 lbs
See how much he has grown!


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