Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I Made Pearl a Shirt and it was Not Cool

 People say this to me all the time...
"I bet you make a lot of clothes for your kids."
They assume that because I am a designer and know how to sew pretty well.  The truth is, this is the first garment I have made for Pearl.  It reminded me why I don't often take on new home sewing projects.  I had fun making the pattern which is a great base for both tops and dresses, but beyond that I was mostly frustrated with the process.  It was hard to fit in time to work on it and when I did I was often distracted.  I somehow managed to cut one of the back pieces with the print going the wrong way and didn't have enough fabric to fix it.  The mistake isn't very noticeable, but I was pretty over it after that.  I was going to fully line the thing, but then opted to use a bias binding instead just to get it done.
There are very few things more rage inducing for me than having to take out stitching and start over.  That happened a couple times on this project and I just wanted to punch something.  I don't think that is healthy for anyone in this household.  I will stick to buying clothes and only making simple updates to existing items in the near future.


  1. Well....It looks adorable and Pearl seems quite happy with it! But...I can't sew a button on so I can't really encourage you to keep doing it :)

  2. I'm not sure if I already said this... but I love your blog logo!!

  3. I can't see anything wrong with this adorable outfit. I love your/Pearl's style! Soooo cute!!

  4. As a designer you are probably nitpicking the detail of the mistake more, and no one will notice! But I understand your point- probably your emotional sanity is worth just buying it and making alterations rather than from scratch. Sure, I can make ravioli from scratch too but the aggravation of leaky ravolis and all the prep work and sealing... so much more peace and happiness to just buy them!

  5. It is adorable! but i understand it...being a photographer it takes me way longer to edit and print photos of my own family. and i am way pickier and re-edit all the time...


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