Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Portlander Problems #44

Wow, it's been a while...I have problems for you today though!

1. I tried to come up with a lumberjack Halloween costume for Axel with items we already have.  I couldn't manage to make it look like a costume though, around here the outfit just looked normal.
2.  It's always a struggle to decide which friend to bother this time for access to the Nike, Adidas, or Columbia employee stores.  Does anyone in Oregon actually pay full price for this stuff?
3.  The sense of urgency that overtakes me when I check the Pendleton truck report and find out there are lots of blanket header scraps up for grabs.  I must get there immediately.

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  1. Ha ha! Love the Pendleton Truck montoring!

    Would be interested in bartering a bow tie and/or bib for something in my shop? Let me know!

  2. hey! you can ALWAYS hit me up for Adidas passes....I can even pop a few in the mail if you want.

  3. I never know about the Pendleton Truck! How cool.


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