Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Family Photos 2013

My mom had the idea this year to have dinner the day after Thanksgiving so we could hire a photographer to come take family photos while we were all together.
They turned out great and there were a couple photos that will have us laughing for years to come.
Like this one of our kids:
And these two of Pearl:
There were also some really sweet photos of the cousins. 
We got a good one in of just the four of us too.
I'm all set to order Christmas cards now which will be a family first.  I have never done it before!  Friends, send me your addresses :)


  1. The first one and third are my favs!
    Such a great bunch of shots

  2. These came out great! And such a good idea to do it on Thanksgiving!

  3. These are SO SO great!!! The fam pic where Pearl looks like she's cheering, "Hooray!" is so funny and absolutely priceless. Also love the bald headed baby boys. So much cuteness! You look beautiful, too!

  4. Aw these are gorgeous! I wish this was more of a "thing" in Britain! Happy Holidays! xx



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