Friday, January 17, 2014

Baby Under Furniture #7 - Axel Edition

The posts I used to do of baby Pearl trapped under furniture were some of my most popular posts ever.  It always cracked me up, and I appreciate that all of you seemed to enjoy them too.  Although Axel does it way less frequently than Pearl once did, he has managed to wiggle himself under some of the furniture recently so I decided to do an Axel edition of the Baby Under Furniture posts.
The last one is my favorite.  Maybe he learned from watching the dogs congregate around the high chair that Pearl often drops food.


  1. Axel is turning into quite the mover and shaker.. isn't he? My dogs totally park themselves directly under Nora's high chair waiting for the morsels but I like it because less to clean up lol :) have a wonderful weekend!

  2. This is my first exposure to Baby Under Furniture. And it is brilliant. I'm surprised no one has devised a Tumblr with that theme.

  3. I always wonder what they are thinking as they crawl under furniture... is it part of an obstacle course to make travel more interesting? Are they curious what is under there? It's a journey of only the very small.


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