Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Toddler Style #12

Every piece in this outfit was a Christmas gift from different friends and family members.  I love how cozy the sweater is. It is actually a size too big, but looks great and will probably fit her for another two years.  I definitely like that.  Also, toddler combat boots are basically the cutest thing ever (thanks mom!).
Sweater: Old Navy, Leggings: Old Navy, Socks: H&M, Boots: Candie's
I love being able to put her hair in pigtails.  It  helps with the mullet situation, and they go great with her silly personality.  She wasn't in the mood for photos so this is the strange face I received after asking for a smile.  


  1. I'm definitely loving this outfit. Can't wait for Lennon to wear stuff like this! :)

  2. She's more fashionable than I am! Very cute, and the sweater as a sweaterdress works!

  3. Pearl is better put together then I am most days, this is so cute, love the leggings esp.

  4. Pearl is just too sweet! I love your daily posts of the fam on IG - I have been too out of the blogging loop lately. The mini combat boots are adorable :]

  5. hehe Pearl's personality matches her style for sure. :)


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