Monday, February 24, 2014

9 Months Old!

Axel is nine months old!
Our little buddy has been pretty busy this month.  He started pulling himself up and walking along while holding onto furniture.  He crawls everywhere and is extremely active.  Axel loves climbing over obstacles so if I need to keep him busy for a bit, I will set him next to Pearl's little step stool.  He has so much fun climbing over it.
Axel says mama and dada regularly along with a lot of other sounds.  He has no clue that they mean anything, but he knows I get excited and repeat them back to so he likes to do it.
He got his first taste of dog food this month thanks to Pearl.  She spilled the food all over the floor while she was "helping" the dogs eat and he snatched a piece.  I managed to fish it out of his mouth, but he seemed to like it.
I have stopped giving him baby food at every meal and usually just give it to him once a day.  He much prefers finger foods.  We have also made a little progress with bottles.  He has been willing to take a few this month.  I'm not really doing a food introduction schedule anymore.  He had steak for the first time this month and seemed to like it, but was a lot more into the roasted zucchini on his tray.  Axel eats vegetables more happily than Pearl ever did.  I'm hoping that trend continues.
Axel loves throwing stuff.  He will burst into fits of giggles if you continue to pick up the thing he threw so he can throw it again.  It is apparently the best activity ever.  He also has the most hilarious excited face.  He closes his eyes, grinds his jaw sideways, and shakes his hands around.  It is so weird and also really cute.  I need to get video of it.
I pretty much say this every month, but I am shocked that he is nine months old already.  How is this happening so fast?
Axel's stats: 
Length: 28.25"
Weight: 19lbs 9oz
See how much he has grown!


  1. Your little guy is about the same size as mine and with their bald little heads I think they look so much alive. It doesn't hurt that they make the same big smiley face. Too cute!

  2. Adorable! So funny that he ate dogfood.. such is the life of a baby with a toddler sibling :)


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