Thursday, February 6, 2014

Growing Up

Pearl has grown up a ton in the last week.
We have been potty training.  It took her a couple days to get past the discouragement she was feeling and to fully understand when she needs to go, but now she is doing great.  She has the occasional accident, but goes over to her little toilet and does it all herself now most of the time.  Jeremy and I have been so ridiculously proud.
She also decided that she didn't want to sit in a high chair anymore.  We don't have a booster so she has been sitting in a regular chair with us when it's time to eat.  It has been really fun having her sit at the table and is nice to have the high chair free for Axel since we only have one.
The last grown up thing she has been doing is not my favorite.  She stopped napping.  That has been a bit rough on me.  I find it hard to get things done when I don't have an hour in the afternoon to myself.  I knew this was coming and I have been fighting it for a while.  I finally gave up this week because it became more of a pain trying to get her back into her room every five minutes than just letting her stay up.  I'm still adjusting and figuring out the best way to complete my tasks with her awake.
Despite a lot of sickness, the challenge of potty training, no more naps, and very cold weather; things have been great around here.  The kids love playing with each other more and more every day.  Seeing their relationship grow is the best.  Pearl continues to be hilarious and surprises us every day with the funny things she says.  Being their mom makes me so happy.


  1. Ha, love the potty stickers!

  2. I'm staring down a grown-up milestone I'm not ready for, either: crawling. Friends keep telling me my daughter is "so close!" to crawling and "isn't it exciting?!" Yes, it is, but I'm also stressing about the day I won't be able to let her be by herself for a bit while I work or do dishes or go to the bathroom. Being a mom to a big girl is hard! :)

  3. Your kids are so cute. :) Pearl is getting to be such a big girl. Oh my gosh!


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