Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Day Simple DIY For Baby

Pearl and I made some Valentine's Day gear for Axel today.  I grabbed two white onesies that Axel has almost grown out of for our artwork.  He will probably never wear his V-Day items again so it worked out that the onesies won't fit him for much longer.  All of our supplies were things we already had in the house.
I love cute little hearts, but I didn't think they would work great for his outfit.  I decided to paint XO on his onesie.  Tall and skinny fonts are pretty popular these days which works out for me because I could re-create that easily by hand.  I drew it on first with a pencil and then painted over it with screen printing ink and a paint brush.
Pearl used fabric markers to draw on her onesie.  The box said they were non-toxic, but I watched her closely just in case.  Plus, I figured they probably wouldn't wash off as easily as the washable makers she generally uses.  She told me her finished drawing was a fish.
Both the ink and the markers required heat setting so I ironed them based on their instructions.  Then I washed and dried them.  Voila, Axel has a new Valentine's Day shirt and a cute gift from his sister.

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  1. How cute is Pearl making her art! What a cute idea that is both creative and fun but easy to do and reuses!

  2. that dad shirt is precious- heading over to read more about it now (i was thinking about doing something similar.. just might be the perfect tutorial!)


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