Monday, March 10, 2014

I Do Not Sell Eggs

Pearl asked to take a nap today.  She doesn't always take one anymore so I was excited.  I got her situated and then went in to work my magic on Axel.  I fed him and laid him down to sleep.  Double nap!!  I sat down to write and schedule out a couple blog posts.  After that I had plans to do some cleaning.
Then my doorbell rang.  My dogs started barking.  I got them to quiet down.  I assumed it was a package because nobody comes here during the day unless it's a package or Jehovah's Witnesses.  I prayed my kids would continue sleeping and opened my computer.  The doorbell rang again.  The dogs went nuts.  Both kids started crying.
I opened the door.  There was an elderly woman standing there.  She seemed annoyed that my dogs were barking at her so I closed them in the house.  Then she said "I heard someone on this street sells eggs.  I thought it might be you."  I was a bit stunned that my afternoon plans had crashed down because someone had this weird suspicion that I secretly sold eggs from my home.  Like a drug dealer.
I tried to not look annoyed.  "I don't sell eggs.  There is a house down the street that does.  They have a sign."  Like anyone who might want to profit off of their chicken's eggs...THEY HAVE A SIGN.  I don't because I do not sell eggs.
After she left, I tried to console Axel who was crying very loudly.  While doing that, I couldn't hear Pearl from her room saying she had to go potty.  Once I was done not getting him back to sleep, I went into Pearl's room and learned that she had pooped her pants.
So, I pulled out the sign that I do have.  I haven't used it in a couple weeks, but I guess it is necessary.  My sign says "Do Not Disturb Napping Children."  Maybe I should add to the bottom, "I do not sell eggs."


  1. Ugh. That's seriously the worst. Also the worst...since we've moved here we've had three neighbors (within a three house distance) completely rebuild/renovate homes from the studs up. That means loud trucks stacked with heavy supplies rattling up and down are gravelly, pot-hole laced street over and over for months. Early in the morning and peak noise hours during nap time. Banging, cranes...the works. There have been days I just wanted to cry. Don't these people know nap time is sacred?! #momproblems

  2. I'm so sorry! But I couldn't help but laugh at your story. I've been there too -- it seems that whenever one thing goes awry, it all hits the fan.

  3. Ugh! How annoying! Things like that always used to happen when my kids napped...

  4. I understand the frustration, but also the humor of this! Thanks for sharing! For more guilt I would not only put that sign up as soon as my kids if I had some were down, but with a photo of my crying baby and sleeping baby... ha!

  5. Ugh, that's the worst. I have a post-it over my doorbell that says not to use it and to please knock. I think I may have to add "do not bang on the door" soon. Some people just don't get it.


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