Sunday, March 30, 2014

Multipurpose Room Remodel

This multipurpose room remodel was mostly finished a few months ago.  It has been such an amazing space for us.  A very long time ago, this was actually the garage.  By the time we moved in, it had been converted into a dark and cold windowless space.  At some point, a previous owner had walled off a corner of it to create an extra bedroom.  Both "rooms" had no heat source.  For us, it was only used as storage up until the remodel was complete.
Jeremy had ambitious plans.  It was to be an office for the both of us.  It was also meant to replace my sewing room and was somehow going to be a playroom for the kids.  No matter how many times he explained how it was going to work, I didn't understand how everything could fit.  I was also worried that the various uses wouldn't co-exist well.  By this point I have learned to trust him though because he is ridiculously good at this stuff.  He always made sure I had my input, but the vision was all his.
Besides having no heat source, it also wasn't insulated well.  Jeremy tore the ceiling and Sheetrock off so he could insulate it.  He stripped everything.  He tore out the room that had been added to create a large open space.  The closet was torn out and a new, more efficient one, was built in a different location.  He added windows which not only gave us natural light, but also greatly improved the look of our house from the exterior.
The space was finished a week before I started a freelance job.  The timing couldn't have been more perfect.  I was immediately able to appreciate what my husband had built for us.  When I needed to get work done while it was just me and the kids at home, it was actually possible.  They could occupy themselves in the play area while I worked on my laptop.  Previously, I would sit on the couch to work and the kids would climb all over me.  For the first time, I was able to do efficient work and not feel like I was upsetting the kids.
My tall work table is perfect for screen printing, cutting out sewing projects, and for ironing.  All of the things I don't want the kids to touch while I am in the middle of a project are high enough that they can't reach them.  I also love that it's easier for me to stand to work because the table is at a comfortable height.
Everyone in the house loves the space.  I also can't believe how much easier it is to keep the rest of the house clean because all of the toys are in this one room now.  It is amazing.
There are still a few small things to finish.  We are going to add a large game cabinet by the piano (as you can see above, we have a lot of board games).  Jeremy also has plans to eventually put in a wet bar on the same wall.


  1. Great transformation! Looks bright and inviting.

  2. Where did you purchase your work table from?

  3. Where did you purchase your work desk from?


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