Wednesday, April 9, 2014

One Bucket For Everything - A Decluttering DIY

I had a conversation with friends recently that inspired this DIY project for Easter.  One of the moms I was talking to mentioned that her kids are still running around the house with their pumpkin shaped Halloween buckets.  Another friend said she throws her daughter's gear from holidays away every year because she can't handle the clutter.
I thought it would be great if there was one multi-purpose item we could use for everything.  I wanted something Pearl could use for Easter egg hunting, trick-or-treating, collecting Valentine's Day cards, and for any other holiday related reason she might need a special place to keep things.
My solution was to purchase a plain metal bucket.  It's not a very festive item, but it is durable and cheap.  Plus she can also use it for pretend play and for helping out in the garden.
In order to make it festive, I decided to decorate it for Easter.  The metal is a perfect surface for chalk markers.  Once dry, it stays in place pretty well.  It is also extremely easy to clean off so we can decorate the bucket for every holiday.
My drawing was a five minute effort.  Nothing fancy.  Pearl loved it though.  She wanted to contribute to the artwork so I let her draw on the other side of the bucket.  Maybe we will make decorating her bucket a new tradition for every holiday.

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  1. I love the idea- bucket as a toy as well as functional, and it is a little art project! You could even easily collect them over the years since they would ideally stack!


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