Monday, May 26, 2014

1 Year Old!

Axel is one year old!
Buddy has seven teeth now.  He is working on a couple more as well.  The poor guy constantly has his hand in his mouth and has been more whiny than usual because of it.  I'm hoping he gets a bit of a break from the teething soon.
He still doesn't sleep through the night.  Most of the time he wakes up twice, but sometimes only once.  It doesn't seem to work to let him cry it out and the only way to get him back to sleep is to nurse him.  He still gets breast milk about five times a day (including night time feedings.)  It's funny how different kids are.  Pearl was down to just two quick nursing sessions a day at this point.
Axel can stand on his own.  He has done it a few times, but immediately sits down when he realizes he is doing it.  One of his favorite games is to hurl himself forward at us if we try to get him to stand.  It makes him laugh a lot.  He also walks around like crazy if I let him hold onto my pointer fingers.  Buddy has no interest in walking without holding onto me though.
Axel holds the phone up to his ear now and says "haaaa" which clearly means "hi."  He knows the sign for "more."  He really likes to point at people and bursts into giggles when they point back.  He also loves pretend feeding us with his spoon.  Musical toys are still among his favorites, but he has started to gravitate toward cars as well.  Sometimes he makes a high pitched howling sound while listening to music.  I think he is trying to sing.
He had a ton of fun with family at his birthday party.  We also took the kids camping on his actual birthday this weekend.  He and Pearl had the best time screaming and crawling around like crazies in the tent when they should have been sleeping.
See how much he has grown!


  1. I LOVE that photo collage! Wish I would have done something like that when mine were babies! He's adorable!

  2. I love this idea. Babies grow fast and it is nice to look back!


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