Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Pearl Plays PDX #4 - PDX Lil' Kickers

Pearl spent her Fridays for the last few months doing Lil' Kickers soccer classes at Portland Indoor.  We wanted to get her into something active that might also help with her listening skills.  These classes far exceeded our expectations.
We signed her up for the Bunnies league which is for kids 18-36 months and includes parent participation.  I was nervous because I knew there would be weeks where I wouldn't have Jeremy or one of Pearl's grandparents to help me out.  I had no reason to be concerned though because I could easily manage the parent participation stuff with Axel in the Ergo.  He actually loved it too.
The class is exactly the same every week which is great for kids Pearl's age.  She got to a point where she knew what to expect and would get excited for her favorite activities when it was time for them.  Having that structure helped the classes run smoothly.  The classes flowed extremely well for being full of unpredictable toddlers.
There were times where Pearl would start to pout or throw a fit and the coaches always seemed to tune into that.  They clearly had experience with kids in her age group.  Whenever a child needed the extra attention, someone would come over and give them one-on-one time.  There were definitely times when Pearl did not want to listen to me, but one of the coaches managed to get her back on track.
The classes did help with her listening skills as well as her coordination.  She also had a great time.  Pearl's favorite part of class was probably parachute time, but she also loved red light - green light, and doing power headers with the "squishy balls."
I don't have a single negative thing to write about the experience.  They even have a parking garage.  If you are considering signing your toddler up for some type of developmental class, I highly recommend PDX Lil' Kickers.


  1. We've taken our guy (2 years this month) to lil kickers in salmon creek and he loves it! Such a great program.

  2. Thanks for the tip I'll keep it in mind if I ever have little ones of my own.

  3. What a great little activity, and how fun to see Pearl interacting with others, I love the picture with her arms up like she's cheering in the huddle!

  4. I think I squee'd a little. This was too adorable.

  5. Oh my gosh, how CUTE! Looks like a great program. I don't remember this one being around when my kids were that age.

  6. This looks amazing. I texted it to the hubs as soon as I read your review... but, wanted to come back and say that I LOVE this series!

  7. ahhhhh we need to get out and do more things!


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