Friday, June 13, 2014

Pearl Plays PDX #5 - Gymboree Play and Music

Pearl has been attending classes at the Gymboree Play & Music Bridgeport location for the last six weeks.  We started off with an art class.  Pearl gets excited about art projects at first, but is usually over it in about ten minutes.   I rarely make the effort to do more than handing her some paper and markers because she loses interest so quickly.  I wasn't sure how her attention span would be in an hour long art class.
The people at Gymboree seemed to have kids like Pearl in mind for this class though.  There were generally three or four art projects per class so whenever Pearl would get bored of a task, we were already onto something else.  The teacher also did a short break in the middle of class to read a book while the kids ate a snack.
A lot of the projects were things we could have found on Pinterest and managed at home.  It was so nice to go somewhere else to do them though.  I didn't have to cut out a bunch of tiny things or clean up glue, glitter, and paint when it was all over.  The social interaction was also nice.
After three weeks of art class, we moved onto the play gym.  Pearl was pretty nervous to try a lot of the equipment for the first two weeks.  She wasn't excited about going and kept asking to go to her art class instead.  I felt bad about moving her to a new class so quickly.
She flipped a switch in the last visit though.  Pearl listened to the teacher so well and was very brave. She tried a bunch of things that she was afraid to do the first two classes and had a great time.  I guess it just took her a couple weeks to warm up to it.
The class consists of loosely structured play time.  There is generally a theme and the teacher encourages the kids to imagine different scenarios while they are climbing, jumping, dancing, etc.  When we were there it was all about insects so they did things like pretending to be caterpillars and then jumping off a structure to become a butterfly.
If you have a hard time with cheesy things, you will cringe a lot.  I felt like I had to dance and sing along because everyone else was.  There is also a stuffed clown involved.  Kids love that stuff though so I just had to suck it up.  Pearl really enjoyed Gymbo the clown and talks about him all the time now.
Both classes were a bit of a challenge to take a baby along with you, but the teachers did their best to accommodate us.  They offered us an exersaucer for Axel to play in.  When he needed a change of pace, I would put him in the Ergo.  Although it was difficult with Axel at times, it was still manageable.  A lot of other parents were doing the same thing with younger babies.  Gymboree also has classes for babies.  They even have some that both of my kids could have been involved in.  Those just sadly didn't work with our schedule.
We definitely recommend Gymboree Play & Music.  If there was a location near our house, I would love for Pearl to continue classes.  Sadly, we are a 30 minute drive from the nearest location.  If you live near one, it's worth checking out.  Your first class is free!
Full disclosure: We were offered the opportunity to take these classes for free.  All opinions in this post are my own.
These are the exact classes Pearl took:
Family Art
Gym Play & Learn 6

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