Thursday, July 31, 2014

Treats for Pumping Moms in the Office

I spend the majority of my time with the kids so I rarely had to pump when either of them was little.  During my last freelance job though, I worked part-time in the office and had to start pumping twice a day on my in-office days so Axel had milk while with the sitter.  Since I had to take time to pump, I felt I could never take a lunch break.  The company only had me for a limited amount of time and I wanted to be as productive for them as possible.  That meant self-imposed, quickly scarfed, lunches at my desk.
I also had to walk around the building at pumping times searching for an available room to pump.  It generally took some time to find an open one and I ended up pumping in the bathroom (gross!) on a couple occasions.  I started figuring out when the busy pumping times were for other moms so I could try to work around them.  This of course didn't always work with meeting schedules so some days I would only manage to pump once.
The extra effort and skipped lunches were frustrating, but I of course knew it was worth it.  I thought about the women in that office working full time who needed to pump 3+ times a day to keep their supplies up.  Most of the pumping moms I knew came in early and skipped lunches every day so it didn't interfere with their work.  They were making a huge sacrifice for their babies. 
Those moms didn't need someone to tell them how awesome their efforts were.  It is nice once in a while to have someone acknowledge it though.  On my last day in the office there,  I decided to make cookies and put them in the busiest pumping room with a simple note letting those moms know they are appreciated.
If you work with pumping moms, and want to do the same for them, here is a PDF of the notes I created for my cookies.  One of the options has the recipe I used on it.  It's a no bake cookie recipe that I modified so more moms could partake.  A lot of women don't eat dairy while nursing and I know so many people who are gluten free or vegan now that I figured I would accommodate them with the recipe as well.  There is also a PDF without a recipe if you want to make your favorite treats instead.
Another idea is to make cookies to put in the nursing mom's room at church or any other location you can think of where frequent pumping and/or nursing occur.

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