Monday, September 29, 2014

Kitty Cat Birthday Party for Pearl

Today is Pearl's 3rd birthday!  We had a party for her over the weekend so all of our family could come.  Pearl requested a kitty cat theme for her party after attending her cousin Tucker's turtle party.  She was convinced her party needed an animal theme.  She also decided to have "strawberry cake".  I'm not positive of where that idea came from.  My guess is it had something to do with the Strawberry Shortcake coloring book she recently received from a cousin.
Pearl has been pretty fickle about making decisions lately.  I tried to buy her a Halloween costume a few days back and she changed her mind on what she wanted to be four times within a ten minute time period.  She currently wants to be Kristoff from Frozen and shockingly enough, I can't seem to find a Kristoff costume anywhere.  She decided on the kitty cat theme and strawberry cake well over a month ago and continuously stuck with it so I was determined to make it a reality.
I like making silly party posters in Illustrator and Photoshop.  I know those programs well and it's a lot easier for me than painstakingly crafting decorations with two kids who are desperate to play with anything that's in my hand.  I hate using stock photos from the internet though, especially when I want to share my final product on this blog.  I definitely did not intend to have a cat photo shoot either because basically, I'm not crazy.
My final cat photo gathering solution was to ask my friends on Instagram if I could use their photos.  I essentially crowd sourced my cat images.  I set up a hashtag on Instagram and asked people to use that hashtag on photos they were fine with me using.  I also had a bunch of friends tell me I could use any of their Instagram photos and a few even e-mailed theirs to me.  I ended up with plenty of cats to choose from.  I also received tons of help on cat related puns to use via my Instagram account.
I spent no extra money on decorations for this party.  I already had paper and ink for the posters.  The little bit of crafting I did do involved yarn that I already had in my craft supplies.  For the yarn ball decorations, I just wrapped yarn around a few plastic balls that belong to my kids.  That awesome Berkley Illustration cat print usually resides in our hallway, but I moved it to the mantle because it fit the theme so well.
We had lots of fun!  Some of our guests even chose to wear cat related clothing.  Pearl loved it and the rest of the kids seemed to have a great time as well.

If you are curious about the strawberry cake, I used this recipe.  The frosting was ridiculously good.  The cake was very dense so I would want to modify the recipe if I made it again.


  1. I love it! Pearl is full of original and imaginative ideas. Ruth can't decide what she wants to be for Halloween either. I let her get on Target online to choose and she just wanted to be every single costume she saw. So I think I am going to pick for her for one more year;)

  2. Oh my gosh. This makes me so happy. Love the yarn on the mantle with all the cat pictures. Looks like Pearl had a great party!


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